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. Stewart platform(6 D.O.F) developed

. Arm attatched Exowalk control system(total 9 D.O.F)

. MD series BLDC motor controller, MD400T(12~48VDC, 20Ax2ch) developed

. Power steering control system on fork lift developed

. Lazer guided position control system developed(unmanned rail guided vehicle)

. Scooter control system(silver carriage) developed(PMUI, MD400T)

. Robot caddyn control system developed(CRC, MD400T)

. DMD series, DC motor controller, DMD400T(12~48VDC, 20Ax2ch) developed


. ExoWalk, Walking robot control system

. ExoWalk remote controller(bluetooth)

. MD series BLDC servo motor with magnetic encoder, MEN

. RailCam remote controller, TD

. Wheelchair control system with Joystick

. Waterproof threadmill motor, 24VDC, 400W(underwater operating motor)

. MD50C(24VDC, 50W), communication available BLDC controller

. Concrete polisher control system

. Control system for cross belt sorter

. Speed-Gate control system

. Damper controller for cold storage warehouse

. Servo control system for Pan/ Tilt controller


. Speed-Gate control system by MD200

. MD750T 750Wx2EA, 30A BLDC motor controller

. Material handling machine(CART) control system with WiFi

. 2-axis AC servo controller, MDUI2

. GR9900, Rehabilitation machine control system by PNT50

. RCC, Remote controller for construction

. MD1K, 12~48VDC, BLDC motor controller

. 4-axis AC servo controller, TD(Tuttle Dolly)

. RAY, Unmanned smart registration control system

. MD750T, Electric carts control system by force-sensing handle

. PNT50, surveillance camera, PAN/TILT controller

. Blister control system by DMD50

. Rail-camera control system, 3-axis AC servo control


. Rail-bike controller with PAS sensor, by MD750

. Card differentiater controller

. Textue coating controller

. Swing gate controller

. Pan/Tilt control system, PT470

. Hot air seam sealing machine controller

. Automatic registry controller

. AGV control system, PNT750

. Pan/Tilt control system, PNT50

. 110~220V, 10A, BLDC controller, MDA2K

. MD200, MD1K, MD2K, MDA200, MDA400, CPU upgrage


. Gyro-stabillizer control system of Pan/Tilt

. DC12~24V, 50A, BLDC controller, MD1KL

. DC24~48V, 100A, BLDC controller, MD2K

. AC110~220V, 1A, BLDC controller, MDA200

. DC12~24V, 10A, BLDC controller, MD200

. Display module(for monitoring), MDTS

. DCU(Door control unit), and diagnosis module

. Moving turn-table(for BMW event)

. Cutter control system

. DC36~72V, 50A, BLDC controller, MD1KH


. Polyfold controller

. Printer in-line controller

. Automatic mail assortor controller

. 750W controller for AGV

. Injector controller for medical use

. Guitar string machine controller

. Game simulator(4 D.O.F)controller

. 24~48VDC, 100A, BLDC controller, MD2K


. AC110~220V, 1.5A SMA200 BLDC controller

. SmartHandle(force sensing) controller

. SmartPedal(FSR used)

. AC110~220V, 10A, BLDC controller, SMA3K

. 200W, 750W, BLDC controller, SMD200, SMD750

. Game simulator driving system

. Mail finisher controller

. Construction robot for crack sealing

. 24~24VDC, 10A, AGV controller


. BED control system for rehabilitation

. Electric wheel-chair controller

. Electric power-line construction field robot

. 24VDC, 5A, Pan/Tilt controller

. 24VDC, 2A, Pan/Tilt controller

. Unmaned registry controller

. Desktop pressure sealer controller

. Leather folding machine controller

. Tracker for solar-power plant

. Wheel chair control system for indoor use


. Leg, arm moving-helper controller for rehibilitation

. Dental chair controller

. Folding machine controller

. AC220V, 10A, blower controller

. Remote valve controller(4~20mA)

. Golf-cart controller

. Liftor controller


. 2D barcode sheet-reader controller

. 2-axis roll-screen controller

. Mobile flatform for POSTEC

. Automatic door controller

. Rack controller for big warehouse

. ETRI, office helper, ROMI controller

. NEXTEC. cleanning robot for office building


. NEXTEC. AC/DC power BLDC controller

. NEXTEC. Service robot flatform, NAROBO

. Pan/Tilt controller for outdoor use

. Remote valve controller

. Ocean driller control system


. Post-office robot, PGR

. KIST & HUNDAI Heavy ind. service robot, GINI

. JOYMECHA, Multi-function home service robot, JOY





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